Responsible for Data Processing and Owner

José Manuel Galván Rangel
Badajoz – Spain

Classes of Data collected

Among the types of Personal Data that this website collects, either directly or through third parties, are cookies.

A cookie is a text file that some servers ask our browser to write to our hard drive, with information about what we have been doing for their pages. In this way, you can control, for example, if you are authenticated on a certain website or have already visited a certain page, in order to offer you a better service.

Consequently, this cookie use policy is applied to the use of cookies, which has been prepared with the purpose that the user is informed of the different uses that are carried out, and can consent to their treatment in an informed manner, of in accordance with the provisions of current legislation.

By browsing the web, you accept the use of these tools that may involve the use of general information that is caused as a result of it and, where appropriate, the processing of your personal data for the intended purposes.

You can configure your browser to accept, or not, the cookies it receives or for the browser to notify you when a server wants to save a cookie:Si utiliza Microsoft Internet Explorer, en la opción de menú Herramientas > Opciones de Internet > Privacidad > Configuración

  • If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer, in the menu option Tools> Internet Options> Privacy> Configuration
  • If you use Firefox, in the menu option Tools> Options> Privacy> Cookies
  • If you use Chrome, in the Options section> Advanced options> Privacy

General information about cookies

In general, we inform you that cookies are messages sent by the server to the user’s computer consisting of text files that are stored in the computer’s memory and that collect information related to the page being visited, the time of Internet connection, etc. Cookies are sent back to the server each time the user enters that page.

Cookies cannot read data from your hard drive, or steal personal information, or read third-party cookie files. The renewal of your consent, in the manner provided in this policy, or the modification of the conditions of access to cookies through your browser, will lead to the impossibility of correct navigation and the impossibility of adapting our portal to specific needs. of the user.

This website uses the following own cookies:

  • Session cookies, to guarantee that the users who complete the contact form are human and not automated applications. In this way, junk mail and spam are fought.

This website uses the following third-party cookies:

  • Google Analytics: Stores cookies to be able to compile statistics on the traffic and volume of visits to this website. By using this website you are consenting to the processing of information about you by Google. Therefore, the exercise of any right in this regard must be done by communicating directly with Google.
  • Social networks: Each social network uses its own cookies so that you can click on buttons such as Like or Share.

In addition, our website uses Google Analytics, which is the analytics tool that helps websites and application owners understand how their visitors interact with their properties. A set of analytical cookies (_utma, _utmb, _utmc _utmt, _utmz, _ga, _gid and_gat) are used to collect information and report website usage statistics without personally identifying Google visitors. More information about Google Analytics cookies and information about privacy

Exercise of rights and revocation of consent

You may exercise your right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the processing of your data at any time, in the legally provided terms, by writing an email to